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This 11 year journey I have been on has not always been fun and happy sometimes it has been hard and sad. Everything I have written about has been very personal to me. Please know this is just a collection of my simple hand written tattered journals.I know the Lord knew about me long before I was created and had a path for me. He had a wide road and a narrow road for me to take and He let me take which ever road I thought was best, even without asking Him about it. That’s why as you read you will realize sometimes I took the wide road traveled by many which led me, on some occasions, where I was not supposed to be but it seemed like a lot of fun at the time. Then sometimes I would end up taking the narrow road which usually consisted of just God and me. That road was real hard sometimes, but I was never alone. The journey has been long but it is my life, I am who I am because of it.Funny how you think trading in your pearls and high heels for boots and dungarees and living the farm life would be what you thought was your real life changer. I just had no idea. Cindy, my sister, asked me to publish this. May you know just how precious and wonderful ever thing is in your life if just for that very moment.
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