BETTING BETWEEN SEVENS is a brand new concept of betting at CRAPS aka.. GALLOPING DOMINOES. It was designed for the purpose of making you a winner instead of a loser. It sets forth the bets that you should make and eliminates bets that you should not make. It gives the bettor the reasons for not making bets when the percentages are not in the bettors favor and also percentages are given for the bets that according to the law of averages should be winning bets. To be a winner you must have more winning bets than you have losing bets so it is only logical that you bet when the percentages are in your favor and this book tells you how. It is the only gambling game that lets you invest so little and consistently win so much. FROM THE PUBLISHERThis is the first book for Author Floyd M Grooms and I must say he did a masterful job. He started at the beginning of an ongoing Crap game and explained all the details in such a manner that even a beginner could follow the game. After that he delved into the various ways that you could win and explained the hazards that you would have to overcome in order to walk away from the table a winner. Mathematically he showed you the method that could be adapted to any crap table and would result in 3 to 1 odds in your favor. The 6 and 8 can be made 5 ways each and the 5 and 9 can be made 4 ways each for a total of 18 ways versus the 7 (the only way you can lose after the point is established) can be made 6 ways making it 18 ways to win and 6 ways to lose and when reduced down it is 3 to 1. (That’s a better percentage than any other game in the casino). He also showed you the percentages varying between 66 2/3 percent and 83 percent in your favor depending on the number of rolls Between the Sevens. The first roll of course is to establish a point. The second roll gives you an 80 percent chance of not losing to a 7. The third roll gives you a 75 percent chance of not losing to a 7 and the fourth roll gives you a 66 2/3 percent chance of not losing to a 7. Out of a possible 36 ways that can be rolled with the dice the 6, 8, 5, 9 take up 18 of those 36 possible ways or 50 percent. The 7 takes up 6 more and the 12, 11, 10, 4, 3 and 2 take up the remaining 12 ways. Grooms stresses that even with all of the odds in your favor most of the time it becomes necessary to pull your bets during the shooters roll. He explains that the 7 appear in 6 rolls or 16.66% that is more than any other number appears. The 6 & 8 appear in 7.2 rolls or 13.88% and the 5 & 9 appear in 9 rolls or 11.11%. It seems to me that the method set forth by Grooms is one that is well worth taking a second or maybe even a third look..
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