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The main plot of the book is about a boy, his English teacher, his becoming one of the most outstanding polytechniques in photographic architecture shooting per frame the very dramatic ballet dance artist of surfing from the Yergens twins to the Tweaker twins of Pacific Beach here in Santa Barbara, Cal. It is really a pleasure to know this young man who devoted so much of time to his mother and he ask me to tell all of you he loves her so very much! And to thank her for standing up to our monster of a dad that we had as kids! This is totally about her, not the money, fame, etc..but to let the world know how much he appreciated her carrying her for nine months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so very much-Myra Mae Rogers-and yes! She was the sister of Ginger Rogers!!!!!!!!!! The warrant checks after the police found out Rick was from Texas was/is unreal and the mini-cassettes I listened to that he recorded indicated a real civil war mentality was real from all the mental beatings they gave him during the 80.000 checks they did on him, his motor homes, cars, and etc. were seized without a reason and the fees for these that he paid just vanished-roper brand him Tex and from the radio-us Yankees have to stick together-that it's real, they don't use turn signals...etc. Any mail that he sent out never made it!!!!!!!!!! And he appropriated three billion dollars from the teachers funds and he's not paying it back and these yanks are taking photos of Tex and putting them on the news to let the public know what a NUT they have lose on their streets plus now there is memos that fits Ricks' about a PROWLER looking in windows, let me say when our staff did reach Rick he was a very emotionally traumatized young man!!! We sent him to Costa Rica, bought him a huge estate to live on there, and our chopper is on call to him 24-7,what these yanks did to him is worse than any horror film ,drama, etc...that the studios could ever come up with.
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