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Loss of Turn is nothing short of a partial testimony from my spirit in an unnatural environment. It’s only in part because my witness before heaven and earth about the Creator is life long. The environment is deemed unnatural to signify its temporary status. Nonetheless, the theme remains the same. Mankind is in need of reconciliation, on multiple levels. But I bring you Good News. And with this report comes my desperate plea for all to heed God’s voice. As you return with a genuine loyalty to The Only True God, find out what type of plan He has for your life. As children, we’ve all had daydreams of how we’re going to conduct our lives once we were in charge. This diary addresses those inner aspirations on an individual and corporate level. There are rules to follow no matter what level of independence we attain. We can either learn from them, or… learn by them.
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Loss of Turn - Alfonso

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