People Management in the 21st Century
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It is one of the burning questions of all time! Is it possible to have a relaxed and happy working environment while being able to meet with the ever-increasing demands of productivity and efficiency being placed upon us by our bosses? “People Management in the 21st Century” not alone answers that question but allows the reader to modify and use the various tools-for-the-job that accompany the book to suit their own and their businesses needs. This is only one of the reasons why this book has been described as a learning tool for the future so important that it should be read by everyone from 16 to 65 regardless of whether you are studying or in business for years. This book introduces some of the most powerful yet easy-to-use "Tools for the Job" which will enable Team Leaders and employees at all levels of their working environments to better understand and develop their own and their teams’ current and future potential. The ideas and tools presented in this book will help you in making much smarter all-round decisions which in turn will greatly increase the odds of you and your team not just succeeding at work but doing so in a much more efficient and happier working environment.
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