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Louise Rizzo was a first generation Italian-American woman, who grew up during the Great Depression and came of age during the World War II era. Like many of her era, she was filled with faith and hope in the American Dream. Well-read and passionate about sports, democracy, and family, Louise was properly rewarded with five sons and many more grandchildren. Upon her death in 2002, her fourth child, Dr. John Rizzo, decided to compile his memories of Louise’s life lessons, which she usually shared over a steaming bowl of pasta that she made by hand in her kitchen. In Lessons from the Kitchen, John recounts tales of growing up in an idyllic neighborhood in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where common sense and a sense of adventure ruled the day and each evening came down to the three F’s: family, friends, and food. While in these pages is one family’s personal stories of struggle and triumph, the themes will resonate universally. You, too, should be able to point to someone in your past who taught you right from wrong, not only in words, but by example. For the Rizzo family and many others, Louise Rizzo did just that. Lessons of faith, perseverance, courage, patriotism, brotherhood, and loyalty abound. In addition, many of Louise’s favorite recipes, which have delighted the tongues of countless folks are included after each chapter.
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