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Introduction: A Parent And Teacher’s Guide To The Special Needs Child will provide parents and teachers with information regarding their child’s development and disability, as well as offer practical solutions to common problems faced by special needs children and those who care for them. Information contained in this guide will help parents avoid common pit-falls and provide them with knowledge of available support systems and services. This information will help parents become the strongest possible advocates for their child. This guide will also offer parents and teachers hope and inspiration in what can often be a challenging and difficult process of teaching and raising children. Disabilities vary widely in terms of causes, types, and severity. One thing that all special needs kids have in common is that they each have qualities that set them apart from what most people consider “typical” kids. Unfortunately, there continues to be a lot of misunderstanding and prejudice regarding special needs children. However, as we educate ourselves and others, many of the fears and myths about these children will fade away. In the following short chapters, we will explore normal development and its implications for special needs children, functional deficits, behavior problems and solutions, various diagnoses, available resources, and practical solutions to everyday functional problems faced by special needs children. As we seek to bless our children, we will find our own lives blessed beyond measure.
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