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The "Voice of Thunder: Footsteps to Light" contends that a human person in order to authentically assert his/her dignity cannot be satisfied with anything less than complete and changeless Truth. "Voice of Thunder" - meaning "Voice of Divine Truth," both the poetic and essayistic parts are entirely based on divinely revealed Catholic doctrine. The goal of this work is to encourage and challenge thinking in areas of human freedom as opposed to true freedom, self-devotion as opposed to self-seeking inclination, the evil of abortion, and other critical issues facing real seekers of truth and the wider culture. It is an attempt not only to confront some of the existing societal and political evils, but also to reaffirm the means or paths in effectuating spiritual restoration - in all hopefulness - facilitating the dialogue, dynamic relationship, and union with the Redeemer of humankind. There is no such concept as "private salvation." One's salvation in order to be genuine is impartibly connected with helping others to be participants in God's infinite goodness, wisdom and love. Humanity's abominable crimes and sinfulness cannot diminish divine mercy. True triumph or progress of humankind is procured therefore by acceptance of God's unceasing and unsurpassable mercy; it is the summation of individual spiritual conversions and self-sacrificial actions rooted in the unerring guidance of grace.
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Voice of Thunder - Dorothy K. Kardas

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