When You Are Angry
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Define Love. Can you? It has infinite dimensions, innumerable aspects, a myriad of manifestations. The ten short stories in When you are angry use humor, pathos and explicitly erotic language to illustrate but a few of the signs and significations of this many-splendored thing. And whether they make you laugh or cry, the stories in this collection are sure to contain moments to which you can relate, or from which you may glean some…inspiration! The following are included in this volume: GreenAn affair with a green-eyed personal trainer is brief, but memorable. HopeHalf-asleep, half-awake, the morning ritual of a single woman has to provide her with the impetus to make it through the day. EroticaOne woman explains the meaning of the word to her less-uninhibited friend. Her story leaves no room for ambiguity. BlueThere had to be a lover with sapphire blue eyes, didn’t there? Football SundayThe time-honored male ritual wins a new supporter, for life.
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