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The Greatness of America
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For decades, America has been recognized worldwide as a land of prosperity. Thousands of foreigners have struggled to come here in order to establish a better life for themselves and their families. America leaves only a few, if any at all, indifferent. Whether you are oceans away, whether you like it or not, America influences your mind, body and soul every day. For all its problems, for all the criticisms it has taken, America remains the single most important country in the world—able to exercise influence in every field and on every continent in a way that no other great nation can. America is not an indomitable lion only on the planet earth but on the surface of the moon, too. So far, only 12 human beings have set foot on the surface of the moon; and they’ve all been from the United States. America is great— not because of the height of its buildings, the strength of its military, the power of its dollars or the size and compositions of its land; it is not great because God has chosen its people to be great; it is great because its inhabitants have thought and worked hard to make it so. “Things don’t just happen,” Americans often say. “somebody takes risks to make them happen.” Very few happenings are considered as luck. Americans believe that God should be “left alone.” We’d stop sitting on our butts waiting on God to give us food, money, wisdom… I hope that the readers will find in Presidents Obama/Roosevelt/Lincoln and Oprah Winfrey—whose against-the-odds life journeys affirm the American Dreams—the problems they themselves could possibly use as excuses to give up on their dreams. In this book, their stories –and much more—will inspire you to rise above your problems and circumstances.
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The Greatness of America - Mike Tangunu Ndimunkum

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