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The story begins when a semi retired anthropologist, Professor Henry Williams, is drawn into an intriguing and unbelievable trail of fascinating clues. He receives a mysterious parcel from a dubious collector of antiquities, containing a papyrus from Egypt with an incredible story to tell. The papyrus is merely bait for a far more important document, one so important that the collector of antiquities will only deliver himself. A Mayan Codex so rare, that most Mesoamerican academics could never know of its existence. Telling of mankind’s distant past The Codex, rewrites all history and defies belief. A document shaking the very foundations of civilisation as we know it. Defying scientific theory in all disciplines and forcing all major religions to be rethought, should the Codex come to light. It tells of the tale of a creature known as Typhon, and his influence on mankind‘s past. Williams, and his colleague, Dr Piers Anderson, follow clues across two continents and are shadowed by a sinister society called The League of Horus, a group so suspicious and desperate to stop the academics from discovering the truth at all costs. They travel to Egypt, to the ancient city of Akhetaten, home of the infamous Heretic King Akhenaten, Beneath the ruins of the once proud desert city, Williams and Anderson discover a vast cavern that shouldn’t be there. Here, they find clues that point them in the direction of Central America and they meet a mysterious woman by the name of Samantha Marshall. In Mexico, they find that their lives are always threatened and on each discovery the journey becomes more hazardous. They befriend a professor of Mayan studies, Iago del Vigo and though sceptical at first, Iago soon understands that he will have to relearn everything. Nevertheless, he and his brother Carlos, help the two Englishmen along the way. Famous places that they travel to include Chichen Itza, Palenque and Teotihuacan, each with their own hidden secrets and dangers. Along the way they encounter Don Pedro Vacharo and the sacred Crystal Skull which takes them back to a time of legend and myth. To Atlantis.
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