Music Business and Monkey Business
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This is how simple the complicated music business can be!Iwas sitting “shooting the bull” with the A&R man at Epic Recordsone day. He said, “You know what I would really like to find is a whitekid that sings the blues like a black guy.” I said, “I know a kid like that,” or words to that effect. I then told him what I knew about Tim Williams.Tim was starving to death trying to run a Coffee House in Santa Barbara.He was only nineteen-years old, but very good. The problem was that Ihad no idea what to do with a Blues singer. Suddenly there was ananswer to the question. The A&R man said, “Bring him down!” which meant to his office in Hollywood.When the day came to go to Hollywoodwe went in my car. I didn't think he had one that would make it downand back. He showed up in a pair of dark brown corduroy pants and adark polo-type shirt, both clean, but covered with white lint. I wasembarrassed to "showcase” him that way, but it could have been asensitive subject so away we went. Ididn't have a clue what to expect when we arrived at the office. In thenow familiar get-to-the-point fashion the man said, “Let's hearsomething” after a few minutes of visiting. Tim opened his guitar case,took out his twelve string guitar and began playing as if the outcomedidn't make a damn bit of difference to him. Mr. A&R man asked himto do some old standard, then something original that Tim had written.Then suddenly he said, “Sounds good, let’s do a thing, make a record!” Just like that!
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