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Free Falling Into the Right Hands
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This book is a message of hope for people who feel like giving up. These pages contain real encouragement for anyone who feels like a loser in the most important game of all, the game of life. Are you free falling? Have you have jumped out of the plane and discovered to your horror that you have a defective parachute? Have you looked in the mirror and found yourself startled by the reflection of a failure staring back at you? I have good news. Failure is a great place to start over from! Would you like to get to know the Person who wrote the rules to the game of life? This guide is called, Free Falling Into the Right Hands because when we land in the right hands, the hands of our loving Creator, we find the true source of the happiness we were seeking when we took that daring leap out of the plane. Don’t give up on yourself. It’s never too late. You are not too far gone. No matter who you are, no matter what you have done, the door to your real home is standing wide open, and Someone is waiting for you to come home. This book is available for purchase on line at,, and
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Free Falling Into the Right Hands - Kim Fairley

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