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As the mirror told its tale, the face was first just ghostly. Then,it changed and drew you in, to the darker places you've never been to - to the sound of distant memories, to a haunting within, bedevilled amongst the desolation of the London Blitz, and to the submerged underbelly of riotous modern London. An art deco mirror is re-hung in its original setting, a gallant art deco building adjacent to London bridge on the South Bank. It begins tormenting its residence a locally based nurse, originally from South Africa. Did she obtain the apartment by chance? A hospital diary diary reveals the haunting banshee and a different fate starts to unravel. the diary indicates the mirror is taunting the author, an army surgeon weary of the war in Europe. The toying becomes more rabid hurling the unsuspecting reader and author into confusing ,darker times.
Published: AuthorHouseBooks on
ISBN: 9781452062808
List price: $3.99
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