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Indestructible HopeBy Peggy Curtice Harris In these days of high stress and uncertainty, many are feeling hopeless. Security, as we know it, is disappearing and in its place, extreme losses are taking place. Loss of job, home, savings, health, family, and freedoms cause great concern for our future. If ever there was a need for Hope, it is now. Having Hope, when things are falling apart in life as we have known it, is a rock to cling to. So what kind of Hope is indestructible in times like these?Don’t let yourself be sidetracked by anything that separates you from this intimate relationship with God. Knowing and following Him is our safeguard through the minefields of uncertainty. We may not see the end from the beginning but we can be safe in His care. This doesn’t mean that we won’t suffer any loss. Remember the only thing we will take from this world is our “character”. There is so much loss of “character” in the world now. Nothing can be counted on but we can stand firm in God for what is right, true, honest and full of Hope. May you be encouraged today and everyday!This book looks at where we are now; living life the best we can in these days before Christ’s Second Coming. God is allowing the final effects of sin to be played out on this planet. We need to have Peace in these increasingly chaotic times and that Peace only comes from God.These are indeed momentous days! May your trust in God be increased as you walk through them.
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