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`Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a foster carer a social worker or work in social policy, Greatest Caring secrets offers you inspiring company'. Politician`Most revealing of the obvious we in authority miss.' Children's Home Manager.`Very thought provoking. I wish the book was published ten years ago.'Council social worker.`A road map for growing successful and loving adults from looked after children.'Foster parent`Finally someone has written what I have unsuccessfully been trying to communicate to my bosses and colleagues in Social services.'Social workerBringing out the successful and loving angel in every childAre you a parent, teacher or social worker who would like to know a would make a homely home for a child? Or you would like to know what makes a disturbed child pay attention in class? Or have you ever wanted to go fostering but been scared off by stories of challenging behaviour, or are a current foster distraught at your foster child's behaviours? Greatest Caring sects gives you soft answers.If you wondered how school teaching methods, crime reports and government social policy affects children's lives, or ever wonder how to make lasting positive impact on a child's life, you now have a companion. The personal touch of Taxina brings a sense of purpose to those in caring professions , while reminding those in authority of the forgotten listening skills, and the values of staff on the shop floor. Secrets used by maverick teachers to bring geniuses out of condemned souls have been laid bare. Greatest Caring Secrets rebrands caring and fostering loving and living professions which they should be.
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