Rebellious is defined as: resistant to authority or tradition.Rhapsody is defined as: a highly emotionally utterance or literary work. Rebellious Rhapsody is a collection of hopes and dreams, love and heartache, and loss and recovery in rhyme! It''s about a little girl who had a dream and a vision of being a writer. As an adult this dream was sidetracked by the real world, growing up in a small rural town, where the idea of this kind of pursuit was looked upon as pure fantasy. The reality was, "get a real job!" But when something is born in you and you feel the passion to do it, you don''t stop whether it makes money or not. I started writing when I was approximately twelve years old and will continue to do so as long as I can hold a pen and rhyme. As an adult my poetry became my own self therapy. When I shared it with others it was received by some with the same fevor as the passion I wrote it with. That was payment in full! The reasons I write, money can''t buy me. It''s about believing in yourself, and giving to someone else, and receiving so much more in return! If there is a message to be conveyed in this book, I guess it would be: family and friends and the simple things in life are the best gifts in the world, and if you have also been blessed with a gift such as: writing, singing, music, acting, or art...share that gift and follow your dreams, and don''t let anybody tell you, you can''t do it!
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