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Bears We've Met
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Bears We've Met (see is a compelling narrative of short stories of close encounters with bears spanning more than thirty years of the author's experiences in North America's remote regions. In this documentary the author shares early blunders and tense moments, including humorous and intriguing confrontations, as he and his wife confront the largest of land mammals. The book recounts time spent exploring Alaska and Kodiak Island; backpacking along the Appalachian Trail; and hiking within the Southern Appalachians, Colorado, and Shenandoah and Yellowstone National Parks. Each story affords the reader a vicarious opportunity to explore a remarkable wilderness area through informative descriptions of the extraordinary landscape and flora and fauna found within. This book is more than "armchair entertainment" for those interested in the bear as an American wilderness icon. It provides valuable insight to understanding this majestic creature and the vital role it serves in nature as a dominant landscape species.
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