Your God Spot
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"Your God Spot" is based on scientific findings about God, spirit, and religion. Spiritual hardwiring in the brain is the source of all deity and belief, from which the mind projects all forms of faith everywhere. This new view sheds light on the most basic and perplexing questions about belief. Subtitled "How the Brain Makes and the Mind Shapes All Forms of Faith," this book consists of three tight fitting parts. Part I, "In the Mirror of Spirit" directs your attention to the God Spot within. Part I, "Through a Prism of Religion," describes the forms of faith projected by the mind, including their pros and cons. And Part III, "Out the Window of Belief," focuses on some faiths that measures up, and how you can fulfill your spirituality, no matter your state of belief. Seven chapters brim with reader-friendly information and application. There are opening questions and closing statements.emphasized text, table highlights, quotes from experts, and a "Mirror into Me" vignette from the author's clinical experience. "Your God Spot" adds a new choice--free-ist--to the old categories of atheist, atheist, and agnostic. This means that we are now free to tailor make our own belief, and to alter it to fit as we grow. An extensive bibliography anchors this new view, and guides the reader who wants to dive deeper yet.
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