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What Nurses Know...Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is sometimes dismissed as an "all in your head" illness. There are no tests or other physical signs to diagnose CFS/ME. A diagnosis is given when a health care practitioner has ruled out other causes for the cluster of symptoms. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention considers CFS/ME to be a real and debilitating illness. Still individuals with this disease remain frustrated by the lack of belief and support from health care providers, families, and friends. They continually doubt themselves and ask "What's wrong with me?", "Am I crazy?", "Am I imagining these problems?"Bringing validation to the on million sufferers of CFS/ME What Nurses Know Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sheds new light on this condition and it's symptoms from a trusted source: nurses. Simply organized and clearly written What Nurses Know Chronic Fatigue Syndrome provides individuals, their families, friends, caregivers and healthcare practitioners the answers they need and want.
Special Features Include

Numerous call-out boxes with "What Nurses Know "
Definitions of common terms
Resources, online tools, and specific websites to help those living with chronic fatigue syndrome
About the Series

Nurses hold a critical role in modern health care that goes beyond their day-to-day duties. They share more information with patients than any other provider group, and are alongside patients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week offering understanding of complex health issues, holistic approaches to ailments, and advice for the patient that extends to the family. Nurses themselves are a powerful tool in the healing process.
The What Nurses Know series gives down-to-earth information, addresses consumers as equal partners in their care and explains clearly what a reader needs to know and wants to know to understand their condition and move forward with their lives.
The What Nurses Know series is organized simply, with call out boxes for "What Nurses Know..." special tips, fun facts and things that only a nurse would know. Personal stories are interspersed throughout, so the reader can easily relate to the books.;Foreword ;

1 What is CFS ;
2 Getting a Diagnosis ;
3 CFS Symptoms ;
4 Your Health Care Team ;
5 Save Energy, Keep up With Living,
Prevent Postexertional Malaise ;
6 Feelings, Mood Swings, and Depression ;
7 Medical Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ;
8 Alternative Approaches ;
9 The Importance of Advocacy ;
10 Looking Ahead: Living With Chronic Illness ;

Glossary ;
Resources ;
Bibliography ;
Index;"Registered nurse Steefel's daughter was diagnosed with CFS at age 12, and the author uses her experiences and those of other sufferers to inform readers about the disease, its symptoms, and possible therapies. Steefel explains alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, and tai chi and suggests strategies for managing daily life. Working with one's health-care team, keeping detailed personal health records, and finding an advocate are stressed. With a glossary and resource listing...this is a good, basic text on a frustrating disease."-Library Journal

"...full of advice and wisdom from many accomplished nurses on how to better deal with with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to make the condition liveable ith and beatable so that one does not have to shut down their entire lives. Sage and much recommended reading..."-The Bookwatch

"Lorraine in What Nurses Know; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, addresses what patients with CFS need to know in order to maximize their quality of life. Biomedical research needs to better define the cause, or more likely the causes, Medical Doctors should diagnosis (not disregard) and treat the multiple symptoms of CFS, but it is the nurse who best explains and cares most for the patient with chronic medical illnesses like CFS. Lorraine provides the information she has lear
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