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In writing the Introduction to award-winning author Daniel Alef’s new biographical profile of Burt Rutan, Michael D. Griffin, former Administrator of NASA, said Burt “is one of those who is universally acknowledged by both casual observers and aerospace aficionados to be a true aviation and space pioneer. But even so, no one else is quite like Burt Rutan. To be the driving intellectual and organizational force behind the first non-stop, around-the-world flight with the Voyager aircraft, and then to do the same for the first privately-accomplished suborbital space flights in Space Ship One – no one else spans such a range.” This view is shared by many others. Professor Ann Karagozian, head of the UCLA MAE Energy and Propulsion Research Lab called Burt Rutan’s accomplishments “monumental,” and said his “achievements in putting together these known technologies into novel and robust systems can be compared, I suppose, to what the Wright brothers did." Known as “the man who reinvented the airplane,” Rutan is an American national treasure and Alef’s informative story of his achievements is a compelling tale innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and family. [This enhanced ebook edition includes an extensive timeline, bibliography, and more than 50 video links]
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