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The Darwinian Delusion
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The postulate of molecules-to-human evolution by natural selection (evolutionism), like creationism, cannot be demonstrated empirically. Therefore, the creationism-evolutionism controversy offers a choice between intelligent design by God and unintelligent design by evolutionary selection. Scientists are split on philosophical grounds since events in the immaterial realm are outside the purview of science.In reality, designers claim products; no product of a process, can account for how it was designed or for its ontology. Accordingly, Scientific American Editor John Rennie suggested that one way to override a purely evolutionary worldview is, if the creator/s appeared and claimed credit. Author Michael Ebifegha's previous book The Death of Evolution provides the historical details of God’s ancient claim for creating the universe before an audience. Dawkins, in his The God Delusion, failed to address this historical event; hence, his statement that “There almost certainly is no God” is flawed. The Darwinian Delusion discusses the fossil record, the role of natural selection; the mystery of the origin of life and God’s affirmation of agency in world history. Ebifegha argues that both the scientific and philosophical analysis point to God as the Creator and hence the delusion as such is not about God, but about the Darwinian paradigm of materialism.
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