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Many people met Jesus face-to-face in the Bible. After meeting Him, however, most of them wandered off into Bible history, never to be seen again. Whatever happened to the boy who brought the fish and loaves to the beach? What happened to the aging woman who met the blessed child at the temple? They did not go untouched; instead, Jesus affected their lives in permanent ways. Rest-of-the-Story Short Stories takes a close look at several biblical stories, relating the factual half of meeting Jesus. Then, author Debbie Frederick takes a fictional spin as she follows biblical characters in the days—and years—following their contact with the Savior. Surely, each and every life touched by Jesus is a changed life, but how exactly? What difference does the Son of God make? Bubba—the boy with the fish and loaves—felt a yearning to do something for the homeless. Anna, the prophetess in the temple, realized the meaning of her life. Nothing is coincidental in God’s plan. He meant for these ancient Christians to meet Jesus in order to fulfill their life purposes; he intends the same for you, if you give Jesus a chance. No life is worthless if it is a life lived for Him!
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