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Life Passion: Words Inspire Our Desire is an inspiring collection of poetry and short stories offering an alternative view of God and religion. Author Mark Gregory Washer gives a fresh perspective on life and God’s expectations of how we should live a spiritual life. He talks about the difference between right and wrong, both on a personal level along and with a more global approach. Many of the meditations offered in Life Passion are based upon Washer’s personal life experiences. From the sights and sounds of the romantic city of Odessa to fond memories of his great-grandmother, he envelopes himself in the spirituality of his life stories. Washer also considers the various religious writings and doctrines that bolster his strong religious beliefs. He offers a simpler view into God’s will that makes it more accessible to everyone, and he explores the timeless question so many ask: “Why am I here?”From “Only Words”Words can healWords can hurtWords can make you lose your shirtWords are moreWords are lessIn this deadly game of chessWords will loseWords will winWords will cause your soul to sinDoes anyone hear me when I sayI can’t take another dayDoes anyone care when I shoutNow it’s time to let me out
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426966187
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