At a time when the sporting world seems to be losing its perspective, author John Clendening provides another viewpoint. In Love Letters to Sports, he celebrates sports at its best—its moments in time that capture our hearts and remind us of the role it can play as a touch point in our lives.In this memoir, Clendening narrates his special sports moments, such as his first-ever road trip with his eight-year-old son and how his son’s sports obsession at a young age reminds him of his own. He tells of going to a football game in Texas and falling in love all over again with a certain cheerleader, and how his favorite announcer brought him to tears on the night his youngest daughter was born.This collection of 19 personal essays pays tribute to our own moments in time and moments in life when sports play a supporting role in creating memories never to be forgotten. From football to tennis, from baseball to golf, from the fields of youth to the armchair of middle age, this is not a book about love, nor is it one about sports. It’s about the many times and places the two have met in one man’s life.
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