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Inventing the Future: What Would Thomas Edison Be Doing Today?

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Thomas Edison holds over a thousand patents in his name, including the electric light bulb, the phonograph, and motion picture camera. He is considered among the world's most prolific inventors, with a work ethic and vision for the future that helped change the modern world. And with all of the advances in current technology that he helped to invent, just imagine: What Would Thomas Edison Be Doing Today?

Author Sarah Miller Caldicott, a great-grandniece of Edison and expert in his methods, sets out to answer just that. Inventing the Future is a well-researched, intriguing look at how Edison would innovate today using new technology, and how modern day thinkers can adapt his proven innovation methods to their advantage. It also includes 7 steps anyone can take to start thinking like an innovator, and offers a hands-on view of how creativity and risk-taking come together to design powerful concepts that create new markets.

Learn the strategies needed to remove innovation barriers, begin driving the breakthroughs of the future, and change the way you do business. Stimulate your ability to imagine what's possible.

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