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The settings of these 17 stories range from the desert areas of Death Valley, California to the sea coast of the panhandle of Florida. They are about ordinary people who sometimes find themselves in extraordinary situations. From the casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada to the hills of east Tennessee and southern West Virginia, events of mystery and intrigue are common place. i.e. Who would leave a bowling ball in the middle of Death Valley, and why? Do the initials on the ball offer a clue?Readers take a trip to St. Simons Island off the coast of Georgia where a mystery unfolds concerning a local painter. Laugh when a citizen of a town in Tennessee sees thieves steal his neighbor’s lawnmower and then chases after and catches them, only to find that the mower has disappeared.In another story the author revisits the town of Clyde, now renamed Low Ball and follows the exploits of the local high school football team, the Purple Possums.Experiencing a colonoscopy is usually not funny - until someone you report to thinks you are someone else, and that other person is scheduled for a hysterectomy.Ride along on a hilarious trip to deliver groceries in the mountains of southern West Virginia. Read letters between two elderly ladies detailing everyday lives and events of people they observe or hear about, and offering homespun philosophy and opinions about those people.Other stories are about an old dog who hates UPS trucks, shirts that you won’t get rid of even though you can almost read a newspaper through them, and a surprise meeting with an old flame.
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