Most people are pursuing an assumed correct philosophy, right marriage, right religious persuasion, right relationship etc. How many, like Jason, have found their Golden Fleece? The question begs: is there a yardstick to measure all philosophies?The pursuit of the identity of Jason revealed these gems: ancient secret libraries, the locations of Lost Tribes of Israel, a meta-code in the Temple of Solomon, and a spirit-level to test major doctrines. Also from the blueprint of Solomon's Temple, wisdom above 33¡ is released for the first time. From that wisdom, the following contentious issues can be resolved:1) is the Universe a clock?2) was it made or did it evolve?3) debating evolution vs. creation.4) is there a Great Architect of the Universe, called God Almighty?5) the real causes of the Middle East conflict.6) Christianity/Islam/Judaism, religious persuasions or pretexts for conflicts?Naturally, these timely revelations will stir up hornets nests of controversy, in that many perceived truths WILL BE upturned. The Golden Fleece Found allows doctrines held sacrosanct to be vetted against a true "spirit level." The most often asked, yet unanswered questions from over 100 countries are addressed in meticulous details. Veeeeerrrry interesting!!!!! Definitely a must read!Book DescriptionBook of Wisdom, Prophecy and Deliverance!Do-it-yourself, Marriage Fix-it Manual.Ancient Prophecies for Muslim seed of Abraham Revealed!Prophecies of Birth and Entire History of Christianity Revealed!Missing Church History Found!Prophecies of Nations Revealed!
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