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Roland Roberts was born on a ranch in New England. While ayoungster, he was infl uenced by Dr. Robert Goddard, the father ofRocketry, and after serving his country in the front lines of battle, hereturned to college to fi nish his Engineering degree on the GI bill. He washired after receiving his degree by General Electric to work in the Missiles& Space Division and relocated to Vandenberg AFB. He was there onclassifi ed assignments to the Air Force Ballistic Space Department. He laterserved his country as a technical adviser to the Strategic Air Command inOmaha Nebraska for two years. He returned to Vandenberg AFB to assistin the development of the Minute Man Missile System and led the effortfor down range recovery of its nosecone.Roland next accepted a contract with the GE Nuclear Fuel Designprogram as Senior Design Engineer for Boiling Water Nuclear PowerPlants. After serving GE’s desires for 15 years, he took an early retirementto build and invest in start-up companies. He was successful in his effortsand investments as he had applied his corporate knowledge andexperience learned at GE. He most recently retired from his position asCEO and Chairman of Trans-Pharma Pharmaceuticals after complicationswith his heart.Roland has decided to pass on some of his life’s experiences for all toenjoy and perhaps compare to parallels in ones’ own life. His next book“Sonny” provides more insight to his development and family from anearly age and his wartime activities.
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