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One of the most beautiful creations made from God is the colorful, free-spirited butterfly. But it was not always this way; it first had to go through several stages before she became that breath taking creature.Women, are like these butterflies, who must go through stages of transformation, in order to reach that final stage of freedom and tranquility that we have now achieved.In the beginning, women were conditioned to believe they were not equal to men.That is, until recently, when thanks to an organization called "I AM WOMAN", love and harmony between men and women have been rekindled along with co-independence, and an equality on every level and in every way."The Butterfly Effect" is a program designed mainly for women. It is a program that teaches them how their mind works and that the information that is taken-in-through their five sensory systems is assimilated by their mind, and imprinted as a picture on their subconscious mind.That picture, like a magnet, begins to attract all the necessary pieces to, simultaneously, manifest it in our lives.So, women, be careful what you picture because that's exactly what you're going to get! And also remember, the important thing is not to get what you want but to want what you get!Through this simple awareness, we know the tremendous 'Power of Pictures.' As Aristotole said, "there is nothing in the universe that wasn't first a picture in someone's mind." And what picture is more beautiful than that of the two shimmering butterflies joining wings on their fight across the spectacular "Bridge of Equality," in love and harmony?So ladies and gentlemen, wherever you may be, imprint that gorgeous picture of the amazing butterflies that you truly are on your subconscious mind and gently, "I Am Butterfly, Watch Me Soar!”.
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