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If you can read between the lines, no matter how blurry they appear.When no one can really see you.When no one can really hear you.When your needs are not met.When your wants are of no concern.When your cries of stop go unheard.When other people that have come and gone, who have had a sure grip on their reality, they have also had a grasp on your reality. To look in the mirror and not be able to see your reflection, you are sadly invisible, even to yourself.To wake and realize you cant remember the last time you were held, to learn that your body, even in it's most intimate moments, has never been touched with that soul catching emotion called love.To know that you miss someone you have never met.To be so desired by a man who would give up his last breath just to kiss you one last time.When you can believe we all have a soul that desires its mate.When you can comprehend the shell you have become, the empty, the lonely, the searching.Then you have become what I have always been.For I am Ghost
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781456879143
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