The Diversity Calling
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What do a Jewish woman from the Bronx, a Canadian-born multiculturalist, and a minister’sson from Minnesota all have in common? They, along with six other colleagues, all met ona November day in Southern California to begin forming what would eventually become theDiversity Community Exchange - DiCE. The DiCE group is a group of Diversity professionalsfrom various sectors of the industry (independent consultants, corporate Diversity offi cers,and academia) who came together for the purposes of strengthening each other’s skills andcommitment to Diversity principles, and explore ways to make the Diversity message moreunderstandable, visible, and accepted. Along the way, they discovered the tremendousunifying power of stories to help effect these goals. The Diversity Calling - BuildingCommunity One Story at a Time shares the stories of each of the nine DiCE members: Sonny,Juan, Santalynda, Simma, Sidalia, Nadia, Tommy, Joe-Joe, and Marvin as they made theirindividual journeys and choices to perform Diversity work. Reading their stories may causeyou to laugh, cry, and hope as you get to know them better, and in all likelihood will inspireyou to share a few stories of your own!
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