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A sundry collection of interesting articles, insights, songs, and Bible passages, May God Bless You: Be a Fisher of Men is a compelling book, in colored and black and white formats, that lifts readers up by allowing them to feel the presence of God and remember His teachings at all time. Moved by the power of the Holy Spirit, author Jimenez makes this an unforgettable read as he distinctively presents the contents of this book in a unique format. Each chapter is deftly woven to explore and elaborate spiritual virtues such as faith, love, and hope through the use of acrostics—a form of writing in wqhich the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragrpah or other recurring feature in the text is spells out a word or a message. Aside from spiritual nuggets, this bookhas a little bit of everything else. It includes witty and mundane quips and quotes, exceptional mementos of the author’s younger years, pictures of inspiration, and a bit of his native country, the Philippines. An uplifting read for those who are depressed, an easy-read for those who want a good laugh, and an answer for those whose minds are perplexed, May God Bless You: Be a Fisher of Men definitely leaves a permanent mark in the readers’ mind.
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ISBN: 9781450085571
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