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SOCIETY NEEDS A WAKE-UP CALLWritten for all the tens of thousands of doctors who write prescriptions, thepharmaceutical companies who create these concoctions and don’t warn thepublic of their dangers, and the pharmacies that fill but have the right and oath todeny those quantities. Would you give one of your family members a medicationyou put on the market but wasn’t honest about the serious addiction it carriedwith it? Written also for the insurance companies that approve payment withoutchecking the interactions and/or questioning the massive quantities. For all of youthat fall into the above categories, shame on you. You don’t socially, morally, orethically understand the full ramifications that addiction brings to society and theway it tears families apart. It’s repulsive to think how you get away with fuelingyourselves with greed. What happened to your oath for your patients?Doctors write prescriptions like the police write tickets all for the money! Thetrillions of dollars these companies make out of medications that cost pennies . .. Maybe they should be responsible to pay for people who need detox or rehabsand no financial means of getting help for a problem those companies created inthe first place . . .
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