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Each of us has to make our own way through Life. Along the way, there are common experiences we all will encounter, just as our parents did and their parents before them. Some experiences have happy endings; others do not. Would anyone want to have painful experiences, you may ask? The answer, of course, is that no one truly wants pain and suffering in one’s life. We all wish for the good life for ourselves, la dolce vita, so to speak. Yet from time immemorial the uninitiated even when forewarned, repeat the errors of their forbears, never seeming to listen and to learn from their experiences. In a word, they “re-invent the wheel.” But that does not have to be! If we know we could avoid certain pitfalls, would we not hearken to sound advice? Would we not welcome the opportunity to take the well travelled path of Life free of danger or embarrassment or pain? Don’t Re-invent the Wheel! takes the reader through the normal periods of one’s life, beginning with Grammar School and High School days and then The Years after High School. After that time, the next major road to cross is Engagement and Marriage as one settles into a long-term, lasting relationship. Also during these years we assume our role as the Good Citizen. These then are the life experiences openly discussed in this volume. Through informal conversations the author focuses on the pitfalls to avoid and the experiences to anticipate with the hope that a “sneak preview” of Life will fortify the reader and help him or her to avoid repeating unnecessary mistakes; in other words, “re-inventing the wheel.”
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