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Fire Gate Poems: A Journey of Spiritual Healing presents a collection of poems and images that mark author Henry C. Finney’s journey from grief to healing following the death of his son. Writing poetry and Zen meditation contributed greatly to his recovery from the unthinkable—the loss of a child. The verses and illustrations provide glimpses of the landscape he traversed during this journey—its darkest jungles of grief, its rolling hills of recovery, and finally its brilliant vistas of love and happiness. After a few verses from earlier years (“origins”), the poems articulate stages of Finney’s return to life. They begin with reactions to the tragedy (“abyss”), continue with poems of “return” and “renewal,” and conclude with verses of “wonder.” His poetic images are enhanced by black-and-white renditions of his drawings, paintings, prints, and photographs.Finney’s poems sing of life’s mysteries, sorrows, and beauty; his art celebrates the world. His work demonstrates the healing powers of writing and art.The Lives of GrassesRecovering from my deep frozen winterI wander nowamid a sea of grassesof new-grown wild flowerswhere just last week (I’ve lost track) snow lay deep.No path remains.Despite your absencesummer has secretly returned.No pretending winter losses any more.I re-awakenlike this fieldwhose sea of waving tasselsswishing, aromatic …
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