“A Lilac not painted” (2000-2011) is a series of poems that took about a decade to write. Out of hundreds of poems composed and written during the past decade. I‘ve selected what I think are the best series of poems for publishing. You the reader will be the judge. The poems here represented are a continual amalgam of life experiences, and observations. Joseph Campbell once said, “that we should not me seeking the meaning of life, but the experience of life itself” and I agree with him wholeheartedly.I am proud of each poem here represented. They are my children. The process of writing poems is being in a constant elevated state of consciousness. It is life, nature, and spirituality as they might reveal themselves to us. Robert Frost wrote that a poem begins, “When we feel a lump in our throat”. Many of poems have begun this way followed by a clarification of life.Novalis wrote, “The seat of the soul is where both the inner, and outer world meet”. This is the center from whence my poetry stems. I write to myself first. I am my first audience. I’m hoping as I release these poems and share them with you that they will be easy and simple to understand. My last and only humble desire is that you the reader might experience and realize the power of the written word for yourselves and in your life.Sincerely Alain Gracio
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