The Fruit of The Spirit
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The Fruit of The Spirit is arecollection of Jeannette’s personalexperiences with God and how each one of them grows in her as her faith andher relationship with the Lord grows stronger since she was 15 years old. Each ofJeannette’s experiences helped her not only to be a better person, but to be a betterChristian. Her trials may not be the same as yours. God see us individually, for thatreason our personal experiences will be that, personal.When Paul wrote the letters to the Galatians, he made very clear how importantwas for them as a Christians to not only live by the Spirit, but to walk by the Spirit.We must remember that we all live in glass houses; meaning, that we are beingwatch constantly by those who do not agree with our life style. Being Christian ismuch more than simply go and occupied a chair once a week; maybe twice. We arerepresenting The Almighty here in Earth, and even though we fail him sometimes,he still love us. The Bible is full of stories of redemption; after all we are humans,we will be in this flesh until the rapture. We will not reach perfection until we arein front of His presence.We have to continue the fight, this spiritual fight in which the adversary willdo everything in his powers to see us fail, to make us quit. Only when we dedicateour life’s to serve God, and when we work thru prayer, fasting, and real worship hisFruit will be manifested in us, because it is there for whom ever want it. Look for it,search for, live it and you will see God’s wonders in you. That is His promise!
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