Lieutenant John Luttwak, who appeared in two of the short-formbooks, now returns to Hollywood station to command his six-manhomicide squad.Detective Jack Stiles is a 38-year-old career cop with a stellar recordof service. He’s a former college tight end, fast and tough, capable ofbody-slamming and cuffing a suspect twice his size.Stiles’ partner, Traci Little, a former patrol officer with plenty of streetsmarts has now advanced to the Homicide squad. She and Stilesare Luttwak’s most intuitive detective unit. Secretly, and againstDepartment rules, they are deep into sex.Another detectiv e unit is Dick Che evers a nd Ed C hase. Ch eevers i sblack, smart and scary. Backing him up is Chase, white as ice cream,not that either one cares. Irv Miller and partner Kaz Kazurian areopposites in temperament. Miller is contemplative. Kazurian ishot-tempered, a give-no-quarter cop in accordance with his Europeanblood lines.Luttwak and his troops are frustrated by clever, corrupt and mercilesskiller Victor Krait, straight out of a dime stretch at Terminal Islandand looking for revenge.And so it goes in Hollywood, city of the night.
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