You Wanna Laugh, or What?
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Growing up in Brooklyn, telling jokes was like apastime. They are a way to break the ice with a new acutance,liven up a party, or just have fun hanging out with friends.This book is an accumulation of years of street jokes.Some of these jokes offend religion, race and gender. Theyare not intended to offend anyone. There sole purpose isto make people have fun and laugh. I genuinely hope thatthese jokes make you laugh when you read them, whenyou tell them to your friends or just when you think of them.Remember laughing is good for your overall health. Forsome strange reason when you laugh good things happento you. There is an old saying; “ when you laugh everyonelaughs with you, but when you cry, you cry alone,” so readthis book and start laughing.
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You Wanna Laugh, or What? - Jules Patarino

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