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The Sacred, Unspoken Language: A Mother Earth Message Translated into the Human Train of Thought

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The Sacred, Unspoken Language has been translated from the knowledge of the healers that have been among us in spirit for thousands of years. Author the Seventhson was invited into their keep, and now they are the bridge back into this world to heal the Earth’s well-being by bringing everyone to the realization of our eternal selves. These sacred words will teach you how to communicate beyond words, beyond thought, beyond time, and beyond distance. We all communicate beyond our awareness; this is the language of the High Order from which we are inseparable. This is the language of healing the Mother Earth.

Your spiritual self can feel energies all around you. They are very powerful and useful parts of this one language. When you connect to this realization that we present to you, everything happens through you automatically; you can watch our work when you know what to watch for. You are what is happening; you are the bridge of balance. It is the magic of the natural order—the cross of quantum entanglement. You don’t have to do anything but watch.

The Sacred, Unspoken Language is the language between worlds.

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