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My Father’s Business

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Many of the millions of born-again Christians worldwide are unsure of God’s will for their lives. Designed to spiritually enlighten lost souls, My Father’s Business offers divine guidance that will help spiritual seekers to carry out the Lord’s calling.Author Dwayne Lopes is an ordained minister and the creator of an award-winning Christian television program. He relies upon practical answers found in the Bible in order to provide direction for those who want to serve God. Lopes begins by sharing the story of Jeremiah, a weeping prophet who often bathed his prophecies in tears of compassion and, through his example, taught others to receive gifts from God through prayer. Lopes continues to enlighten spiritual awareness and growth by highlighting the work of several prophets who taught valuable lessons about the word of God, the afterlife, repentance, and God’s will for their lives.God’s call to live the lives he intended for us to live should always be answered. The spiritual leadership offered in My Father’s Business will help eager followers on their own journeys to both discover and live the will of our heavenly Father.

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