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Star Seekers

Length: 144 pages2 hours


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but young Logan’s curiosity has just gotten him into whole lot of trouble. While visiting his father at work, he slips into a dark office for a closer look at a stuffed cheetah. But when he presses the cheetah’s paw, a secret drawer suddenly opens to reveal a flash drive. When Logan hears someone approaching, he absentmindedly stuffs the flash drive in his pocket. Logan has no idea he has just opened the door to a dangerous journey. After Logan and his friends activate the flash drive, they soon realize that they have stumbled upon a mysterious computer game. Enthralled by the game, no one notices when Marty, Logan’s brother, suddenly disappears. Moments later, Marty appears on the computer screen—between two thugs who demand Logan find and bring them six keys before three o’clock. Together, Logan and his friends enter the game and launch a search that transports them to another galaxy where a magical map guides them from one challenge to another.In this fantasy adventure, four friends must find a way to outwit those who will stop at nothing to acquire a treasure, ultimately proving the strength of their courage and friendship.

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