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This book are the memoirs of Frank S. Iriam, Sgt. sniper, scout and, observer attached to the First Canadian Division which was attached to the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force. These writing are of significant Historical Value as well as a very vivid description of most of the major battles of the Great War. There are no holds barred descriptions of the good and bad qualities of the various commanders he served under throughout the war as well as a good description of a scouts duties in trench warfare. It is a very mild description of a very violent and dangerous job where sudden death was every where. These men dealt out sudden death to every enemy combatant that was bearing arms and came into their view. They directed artillery fire onto any enemy target they could pinpoint. Also they crawled around no mans land day and night evaluating the enemy defenses in the sunshine, rain or snow. Frank made the comment that this was no Sunday Picnic. Only a man of great dedication to his country with great physical and mental strength could have survived those three years, seven months of Hades. This book is void of profane language as a result of Frank’s religious beliefs and upbringing.
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ISBN: 9781466900462
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