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This is a true story of an awesome journey of Master Dorothy Ra Ma Seddon and Master Ruby Nariananda Mayo, who have worked eighteen years forming their part of the crystal Grid under the guidance of Lord Adonis, an Enlightened Being, Dorothy and Nari began building the western part of The Crystal Grid, while simultaineously other Advanced Light Masters were working with their world servers to build other girds around the world. Once all the grids were completed they were joined together, The Crystal Grid is now generating powerful Light and Love Energies to encompassed the world in a web of Light, grounded into the physical world through the crystals on mountains and in many holy places. This Grid was designed to help influence and support humanity to step into the Four and Fifth Dimensions of higher consciousness and increased spiritual awareness of the need for world peace. This story reads like science fiction, but we all know that truth is stranger than any fictional story. And so here is the true story of these intrepid women and their incredible journey. Their lives simply reflect the lives of many other world servers who have sacrificed, worked, suffered and served a higher spiritual calling.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426993886
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