Penned by Allison Sledge, “The Quintessential Jesus of Nazareth” is a penetrating,intellectually profound masterpiece of the Highest Order.Ms. Sledge is a premier scholar of gnosticism, comparative religion, Biblical nomenclature,symbolism, onomastics, metaphysics, kaballah, mysticism and spiritual initiation. Herbook transports the reader beyond space and time - into the mind, heart, spirit and soul ofThe Master Jesus, on every conceivable level which is not generally known to the masses.Many of the Holy Scriptures’ chapters and verses will be viewed from a different perspective;as was once perceived with the universal eyes with which Jesus viewed the world, ratherthan what many of the modern clergy promulgate and attempt to teach the majority ofunenlightened souls. This book is designed to enlighten each reader to depths they mightnot have ever imagined…Never before has a writer dared to be so bold as to interpret the Natal Birth Chart ofJesus Christ, a Piscean, born on March 19th, 07 BC, while elevating and re-creatingawareness, understanding and insight to completely new heights of all inclusive universalcomprehension.This Author’s book was written in a “stream of consciousness” with God, emanating fromher deep connection with Jesus of Nazareth. Intertwining her personal observations withinthe subject matter, Allison Sledge methodically includes the works of Edgar Cayce, TheKeys of Enoch, The Aquarian Gospel and Egyptology. She engages her familiarity withscience, mathematics, planetary energies, and Biblical personalities. Her work highlightsthe thread of unity, which connects the Old Testament with the New Testament in symbolicpatterns, from Genesis to Revelations.Her goal is to be inclusive rather than exclusive, thus incorporating differing thoughts andopinions into the ultimate reality that “We Are All One,” despite our conflicting beliefs;just as Jesus taught.Contemplating the reality and purpose of human existence surely must lead us to wonderhow we, as human beings created in the image of God, do not truly know God as Jesus.There is a disconnection. Even more profound is the fact that Jesus, The Christ, died ahorrendous death by execution in order to instill in each one of us His everlasting message:“…That we love one another as we love ourselves...” Sadly, the state of the world today –reflects the exact opposite of His hopes and wishes.The Book, now in your hands, was given to you to know the Real Jesus of Nazareth, insideand out, like you have never, ever known before. Enjoy it, and God Bless You.
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