Chivalry is not dead. It exists in another realm. Influenced by an enigmatic monk, Mira Ellwerth, the Chosen One of Excelter, is placed on a path that will lead to her destiny. She is invited to reside in Lockharst Castle by the elderly wizard, Sylas Mervinstone, so that he may unravel the meaning of her recurring visions. Disruptive events cause Mervinstone and Ellwerth to form a military unit to safeguard the surrounding villages of Scotwold. Brandon Chadler, a Favored One appointed by the Excelter Council, is placed in command. His close friendship with Neil Zutherlan is put to the test by the incomparable and unpredictable Mira, whose complex character and unstable emotions range as far as bolts delivered from her sorcerer's crossbow. There's plenty of action and intrigue in this romantic/fantasy/adventure novel! Romantic liaisons change at a moment's notice as young men of Scotwold lay claim upon their territorial women. Mystic illusions conjured by Mira and Mervinstone emerge throughout the story. Fantastic creatures abound due to Lockharst's enthused Biology/DNA professor who takes his research to the far reaches of the imagination; from saber-toothed lions that lurk in the far western region, to creepy crawlies that proliferate in the Black Woodland. The underlying mystery of where Brandon's father, Allen, concealed the artifacts of Excelter is solved, unleashing a chain of events yet to come in this new series by S. D. Verlindau, entitled, 'Knights of Excelter'.
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