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WORKING BACKWARDSHomeless, Broke, Divorced, Alone, Reclusive, Humiliated, Embarrassed and very very unhappy.That should be a reasonable snapshot of someone who really hasn't a lot to live for. Not this little black duck. Brendan Lauritz is no ordinary deperate dot. He is a man on a mission. He's on his way back, bigtime. In this story of success that hasn't happened.........yet, Brendan takes us on a journey, an emotional rollercoaster often with hilarious consequences and outcomes. This book thingie is about working backwards from his dream and final destination. From the town of Destin-ee back to his pathetic existence in Miser-ee, Brendan has been crying out for someone to show how to make it to the town of Happy-Me, his personal nirvana. But there is no help so he has worked out the escape route himself.Brendan has created a few new strategies to help him get out of his living hell hole. NEEDSEARCH, DOTS and VIPER POISON are the new weapons he will use to fight off the ee-vil NEGOBS which are trying to block his road to happiness.See, Brendan is just like you. He wants to be happy again. With only one life and time running out Brendan has started his journey to Happy-Me. If you want easy or "just ask and you will receive" then this book thingie isn't for you. But if you want to walk with someone hand in hand, from the hell hole of hopelessness to the heaven of happiness, then start reading. Your new life has begun.....
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ISBN: 9781456789206
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