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What if I were to tell you that every day of your life you have lived a lie? If your every memory, experience, and interaction with the world around you was tainted by the fallacy, would you strive to learn the truth? Do you possess the inner fortitude to break the shackles that have imprisoned your mind?We can give you that power. We can show you the truth. Each day, we bask in the glory that was intended for all humanity. From Hyperion, the last free city, we endeavor to preserve the way of life of our common ancestors so that one day, those of you who have been lost might reawaken.Defying Gravity is the first installment in the journey of a young man from among you who chose to learn of the truth. The account details the triumphs and defeats necessary to cast off the bonds that had held him for sixteen years of life on Earth. Though some were resistant and all were uncertain, none could have predicted how his coming would forever change the course of humanity’s collective destiny.We invite you to share in his journey. If you lack the courage to challenge the assumptions of your reality, perhaps walking the footsteps of one who has come before you will inspire. As you will invariably come to learn in The Hyperion Chronicles, even the slightest shift in your perspective is a monumental victory for our cause.
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