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Visions and Dreams Unveiled
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On the second Sunday in February of 1997, I went to church as usual. The weather was unusually humid, and warm for that time of the year. I felt a little discouraged. I really wanted the Lord to show and direct me in a path that was pleasing to Him. In the middle of church service, Pastor Hood asked if we would close our eyes for a minute of silent prayer. As I closed my eyes, pleading with God to show me what He wanted me to do.I saw in a vision, a huge black cloud that swayed backward and forward, swallowing everything in its path. There was a gigantic angel pushing the cloud away. I almost fell out of my seat. I asked God, “What does this have to do with what you want me to do”? I left church very frustrated and eventually settled down and forgot about the whole ordeal.Needless to say, on March 1, 1997 at approximately 2:30 pm, An F-4 tornado hit the small town of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, killing six people and leaving mass destruction. I saw this monster in a vision before it came. I felt very sad and helpless afterwards. The next day I sat in sorrow and wrote my first poem, entitled “No Respect.” Since then, I have written many poems from my vision, and dreams. Some of them have come true, others are left to the imagination, and the question, maybe in the future.I pray that some of the dreams and visions will not come true because of the tragedies that I’ve seen. Tragedies bare heavy on my heart, mind, and soul. I’ve had reservations of sharing this with the world but God gave me these dreams and visions for a reason. I have dream and visions but I don’t know when or where they will occur.I want to encourage others who have special gifts similar to mine to share their experiences with the world. As a person, I’m usually sensitive and very serious. There are times when my thoughts shift, and become carefree, leading me to dwell on social issues that’s humurous, and a bit nostalgic. I’ve expressed these feelings in many of my poems.May your thoughts and imaginations be enlightened as you read, “Visions And Dreams Unveiled.”I want to dedicate this book to my late parents, Elmore & Pernella Wiley who inspired me to strive to be the best in life. I also give special thanks to my late Father-in-law, Rosboro Hendrix Sr. (papa) who was always very kind and humble.
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Visions and Dreams Unveiled - Sherrel Hendrix

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